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NPMA State Policy Affairs Representative

Attention MSPCA members! Here is a unique opportunity for you to represent the pest control industry in front of lawmakers, lobbyists, and other stakeholders. The MSPCA board is looking for a member to serve as the lead point of contact for NPMA as our State Policy Affairs Representative (SPAR) or Vice State Policy Affairs Representative (Vice-Spar). If you're a member of MSPCA and interested in either position, please email Vincent Moulden, Executive Director of MSPCA, as soon as possible. Please note that the SPAR and Vice-SPAR must be members of MSPCA and NPMA. 

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SPAR Background: NPMA directly monitors and advocates on federal legislation, regulation and issues that have the potential to impact the pest management industry, including issues before Congress and federal regulatory agencies. NPMA is also HEAVILY involved in state issues that affect the pest management industry. Like federal issues, NPMA tracks bills, regulations and local issues. Unlike federal issues, NPMA defers to the affected state association to take the lead on issues in their state and determine the position best suited to serve their membership. To assist with these efforts, NPMA is able to develop strategy, host conference calls with stakeholders, launch grassroots campaigns, write legislative testimony, regulatory comments, and legislative and regulatory amendments, work to identify and form coalitions, and assist with interviewing and retaining a state lobbyist (state is responsible for expenses incurred). The purpose of the SPAR is to better coordinate federal and state advocacy between NPMA and the state associations. The state SPAR is the lead point of contact with NPMA when working on issues. They are expected to play a role in public policy decision-making, should be knowledgeable of their state’s pest management policies, and represent the industry in front of lawmakers, lobbyists, and other stakeholders. Their strategic input, knowledge, and responsiveness is crucial.

Vice-SPAR Background: It is imperative that NPMA and state associations develop public policy talent for the future. They will help implement the policy goals of NPMA, the SPAR, and state board. The Vice-SPAR will take the lead on increasing state association member public policy engagement through various avenues such as NPMA grassroots campaigns, help organize state legislative days, and help establish and/or manage a Political Action Committee (PAC).*These duties are a suggested blueprint; a SPAR or others may complete or not complete any of these aforementioned duties at the discretion of the state board.

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