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NPMA Revises the NPMA-33 Form, Has No Effect on Maryland

The NPMA recently announced a revision of the NPMA-33 “Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report”.  This revision has no effect on inspections performed in Maryland and no change to our currently used MD-1 (revised Nov. 2005) form.

As a reminder, the MD-1 (revised Nov. 2005) form is required by regulation to be used to report the findings of a wood-destroying insect inspection “made in connection with a property transfer or for the purposes of securing a real estate loan”, according to MDA regulations.

The old NPMA-33 form, as well as the revised NPMA-33 form, are not interchangeable with the MD-1. The MD-1 contains, and requires reporting on, additional information not found on either version of NPMA-33.

Requests for forms or any additional information regarding the NPMA-33 should be directed to the NPMA.

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