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Become A Certified WDI-O Inspector

MSPCA is partnering with the Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) for a Wood Destroying Insect Program on December 11 or 12, 2019 to get you WDI-O certified. 

Since termites and most other wood-destroying insects are generally hidden from view, it takes a trained professional to carefully detect conducive conditions, to know the habits and patterns of each insect and to pinpoint signs of infestations. Sending a technician out to perform WDI Inspections without this training can lead to missed signs of infestations, inaccurate reports and big headaches for your company.

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Why Certify?

Benefits of Being a MSPCA Certified WDI Inspector

  • Reduced liability - by putting your technicians through this rigorous training, you ensure that they will conduct thorough, consistent inspections that consumers can rely on, resulting in fewer complaints.
  • Dependable reports - nothing can safeguard a company more than good record keeping. This training details how to fill out the MD1 REPORT should be completed., what gray areas (like inaccessible areas) mean to the report and how records should be kept.
  • Promotion & Marketing - companies that employ CREDENTIALED WDI-O Inspectors have their inspectors promotes your Inspectors on our website.

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