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Carpet Beetles

Pest of the Month - July

MSPCA Pest of the Month July Carpet Beetles


Here's one beetle you don't want to hear singing. Carpet beetles are notorious for consuming their namesake; however, these trouble makers are capable of consuming basically any fibrous animal protein. Their work is often mistaken with that of clothes moths and creates a dangerous situation when identifying our July pest of the month.

  • Carpet beetles mostly eat flower pollen and only want to eat animal-based materials while they're still larvae.
  • Their larvae are only about 1/8 to 1/4-inch long, tan and brown in color, and covered in little hairs or bristles.
  • Keeping your animal fiber clothes and rugs clean before storage is essential to preventing an infestation.
  • Items that have been identified with an infestation should be quarantined, laundered, or discarded as quickly as possible. Heat, like from the washing machine and dryer, kills larvae and adults.

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