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Carpenter Ants - April 2023

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Mspca Pest Of The Month April 4.25  5.5 InCarpenter Ants

Let NISUS™ help you control Carpenter Ants with Niban® Granular Bait and Nibor-D® 

As the weather warms, pests like carpenter ants become more active. Thorough inspections are key to successfully controlling carpenter ants, whose destructive wood excavation practices can lead to structural damage. Parent colonies are often found near hardwood trees, lumber or firewood piles, tree stumps, or other wooden structures. Many satellite colonies are found in wall voids, soffits, under bathtubs and sinks, and other similar spaces where leaks and excessive moisture build and go undetected. Finding and treating the parent colony where the queen resides and eliminating satellite colonies are the two main components of establishing control.

By applying a granular, food-based bait such as Niban® Granular Bait around the perimeter of the structure, ants will begin to pick up and take the bait back to the parent colony, leading you right to the source of the problem. Once the population source is found, apply Niban around the base of the structure. A non-repellent, slow-acting insecticide such as Nibor-D® can be dusted or foamed into areas where satellite colonies are found. Ants will spread the dust among the satellite nests and transport the dust back to the parent colony. It is imperative to have a slow-acting active to allow transfer for a period of time before the ants start to die. Nibor-D is both an insecticide, as well as a wood treatment. Carpenter ants prefer areas with high moisture. Applying Nibor-D not only eliminates the ants, but also kills and prevents wood decay fungi from developing. 

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