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Odorous House Ant - July 2023

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Odorous House Ant Corrected

BASF creates chemistries to provide better ways for PMPs to succeed against Odorous House Ants. 
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The Odorous House Ant is one of the most common pest ants in Maryland. They will be found outside around structures and will form trails leading into homes and other structures. Once they come in they will find places to set up new colonies and can become a year-round headache for homeowners. Their colonies can have multiple queens and tens of thousands of workers. They are easily identified by the rotten coconut odor they have when crushed. Exterior treatments with non-repellants and interior baiting and non-repellant materials work well on these ants. For more information on these ants and products you can use against them, reach out to your local BASF representative.

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