Registrants who attended the 2020 Interstate Pest Management Conference had the opportunity to earn credits in the following categories: 


Earn a total of 8 credits! 

Category  Title
1C  Agricultural, Grain Treatment
3A  Ornamental Plant - Exterior
3C  Turf
Seed Treatment
Right-Of-Way and Weed
7A  General Pest Control
7B  Wood Destroying Insects
7D  Rodent Control
7E  Fumigation
Public Health
11A  Wood Treatment
11C  Sewer Root Control



Category Title 
6 Right of Way
7-A General Pest Control 
7-B Wood Destroying Pest Control
7-C Fumigation 
8 Public Health Pest Control
60 Registered Technician


Washington DC

Category Title
00 Core 
6 Right-of-Way Pest Control  
7A Industrial/Institutional/Structural/Health-Related
7B  Wood-Destroying Organisms     
7C   Bird/Wildlife    
7D       Fumigation
7E Rodent
7F Industrial Weed    
8 Public Health Pest Control  
11H Mosquito  



Category  Credit
00 Core
PC  Private Category
05 Forest Pest Control
10 Right of Way & Weeds
11 Household / Health-Related
12 Wood Destroying Pests
13 Structural Fumigation
16 Public Health - Invertebrate Pest
18 Demonstration and Research
20 Commodity and Space Fumigation
23 Park / School Pest Control


West Virginia 

Category Credit
13D Mosquito Control
4A Ornamental & Turf Outdoors
7 Right-of-Way/Industrial Weed
8A General Pest Control
8B Structural Pest Control
8C Fumigation
8E Urban IPM
9 Public Health


New Jersey 

Category Title
7A  General & Household Pests
7B  Termites & Other Wood Destroying Pests
7C  Fumigation
8A  General Public Health
8B  Mosquito
3A  Ornamentals
6B  Right-Of-Way
13  IPM In Schools
CORE  Basic Safety & Handling



Category  Title
1A Agricultural Plant
1C Fumigation of Soils & Agricultural Commodities
02 Forest
03  Ornamental & Turf
5C  Mosquito Control
06 Right Of Way
7A  General Pest
7B Wood Destroying Pest Control
7C  Fumigation Pest Control (Non-Agricultural)
08 Public Health